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Listen to the Snow Trainers song.

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We wake up in the morning and we're hitting the slopes /
Whether skis or a board you know we rip it in both /  
And then we have a few drinks and a bit of a joke /
This is snow trainer life and a vision of hope.

Take it all in your stride at the start /
When you go back to basics, taught how to ride /
After years when you thought you were fine and the technique you had it /
But didn't realise that you'd picked up bad habits /
Now we need to focus on some rider improvement /
And increase the rhythm with the timing of movements /
Provided with blueprints of stance, taught a new technique /
But keeping you aligned when you use it /
Now try it riding switch on a black, doing tricks at the stash /
Spins over gaps with the board getting gripped at the back /
And your friends taking pictures of that before you slipped and you stacked /
Crashed, but you should try again, cos you need to push yourself and take a chance /
Just remember all that stuff about your basic stance /
Like keeping low, and where to place your hands /
So when you hit the kicker quicker, pop it off and make it safe to land /
The days are planned, skiers riding off-piste on exchange /
Looking for the place to make an edge change /
Tumbles and neck pains, moguls and bumps /
And hoping that your trainer will hold up his thumbs /
Cos thanks to the feedback we grow and improve /
And even if the pistes black we're showing our moves /
And know we never lean back we're knowing the rules /
Despite that every night we're holding our booze. 


This is dedicated to the bumps and the bruises /
Gained on the jumps when you lose it, the boxes and rails /
When you've said that you're not gonna fail /
But then you wipe out getting tossed off the tail /
Soothing all your aches and your pains on the days when it rains /
When you're changing terrains and the place where you train /
An indoor session, learn another lesson /
A new progression gets arranged in your brain /
All the ways to explain every phase, every game /
So when the time comes and you're taking the stage /
To show how to teach it, your training repeat it /
And use some guest service on the ski lift (welcome) /
Cos even though it seems like that level one will never come /
Keep your eyes out for the better run to get it done /
Clapping when you're passing, raising glasses and relaxing /
Getting through that level two, you're laughing cos you understand /
The tricks, ride around in switch, throw some butters in the mix /
Doing flips from the cliffs /
Skiers grab your twin tips, show us how to spin this /
Add the cross grabs and I'll see you at the bottom of the lift.


So make the most of all the smiles and laughs /
While it lasts cos you can't take the clock and rewind it back /
And time is fast, it's sliding past from the very second that /
You start, leaving memories you try to catch /
Cos it's more than just the time on the slopes /
When you're taking advice, it's the whole way of life /
Meeting new people and breaking the ice /
Growing closer as friends through the days and the nights /
On bungy jumps and heli trips where problem with your life /
Just seem irrelevant so make the powder spray and let it rip /
Then order drinks in Buffalos, and flash your key and double those /
Laughing at the lighter weights falling down and getting sick /
It's the people that make it, the places, the faces /
The trainers, the ways they explain it /
The ride, the time, how you wish it wouldn't end /
So raise your glass for Snow Trainers and thirty new friends.


Snow Trainers song written and produced by former Snow Trainee James Greenway, aka "Jimmy Crackstar".

For more great beats from Jimmy Crackstar check out www.myspace.com/jcrackstar