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Intro to Jumping

Hitting jumps in the terrain park for the first time is exciting and can be scary if you don’t know what to do. Here is a trick tip to make sure you feel comfortable and own the air versus just riding through it.

First thing is to understand how to P.O.P (Projection of primary) ideally we want to use both our upper body and lower body to get the momentum going and doing an Ollie. Get comfortable doing this in the flats not moving.

Then practice doing it whilst moving on a green groomed trail. Look to challenge yourself by timing it to takeoff at a specific point as if it was the lip of a jump. Use a line in the snow or a shadow.

Then look to use a little roller so that you can feel the difference in the pitch of the hill to time your Ollie.

Finally it’s time to take it to a small park jump. Making sure you are aware of the speed needed. Look to get a solid P.O.P off the tail at the lip of the jump. Then pull your legs up so you are small and balanced in the air. Finally extend your legs to absorb that landing.

Once you are comfortable we can start adding lots of tricks. Stay tuned for some more trick tips to see some of the favorite grabs.