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Tail Block

Tail blocks are super fun to play with and can be done on a multitude of different types of terrain.

Start off by working on the combination of rotation and flexion extension movements stationary without your board on. As seen in the video focus on the 90 degree rotation whilst at the same time extending the rear leg and flexing your front leg.

It’s important to try to get that full extension of that rear leg to really get the edge of the tail of the board to set into the snow. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where you can get that stall on the tail.

Getting a grab as you do the tail block allows you counter balance to get the longest stall possible.

First try doing it with the board on standing still. It’s easiest starting on your toe edge and jumping frontside 90 degrees into it.

Then try doing a toe-side carve back up the hill as you come to a stop try it. Land it back into the fall line and ride away.

Finally try it on some fun natural or man made transitional snow features around the mountain. Have fun with it!