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Snowboard Trick to Learn Mobile App

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Our good friend and fellow coach Karl Dunham has just released one of the best freestyle snowboarding apps on the market. It’s available on iPhone and Android so do yourself a favour this winter and download it!

Here’s a description from the app store:

Snowboard Trick To Learn is a collection of 15 compelling trick tip videos explaining all the ins and outs of learning basic and advanced snowboard tricks.

The App includes fully narrated instructional videos outlining the skills you need before trying the new trick, as well as what you will need to see and feel when learning it. Crucial stepping stones in order to make learning the trick safer and less intimidating to learn.

Rather than just explaining how the trick is done by a rider whom has already learnt it, the Snowboard trick to learn app steps you through all the required movements one by one and illustrates them in clear video assisted with motion graphics.

To download for iPhone head here:

To download for Android head here: