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Dolphin Turn

This trick tip is a familiar task that we use to help teach people how to ride bumps better, the dolphin turn.

To start off focus on just getting the feeling of the movement without move on a bit of flat snow. Try doing an ollie but instead of landing on two feet you will be wanting to land on the front foot. Look to do this more with utilizing independent flexing and extending of your legs by retracting them.

Then try it whilst moving on a flat base down the fall-line.

Then do it on either edge in a traverse. Now you are getting used to jumping and landing on an edge.

Finally try it off of the tail of the old edge and land on the nose of the new edge.

This movement is the one we want to master to get good at riding the moguls. Like this post and save it so you can watch it next time you’re out riding. Comment below what other trick tips you’d like us to film, and tag your friends that want to improve their riding.