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Weddle Grab

This Trick Tip is to help clarify the name of this grab. Formerly known as the Mute Grab now renamed the Weddle Grab. Tony Hawk renamed it with the permission of the original skater who created it Chris Weddle. Chris was deaf and therefore people called it the mute grab as he didn’t speak often.

This is a fun grab and is best done whilst doing a frontside shifty. This grab is where you grab your toe side edge with your lead hand between the feet. It’s best done whilst doing a frontside shifty as this allows you to bone or poke it out a bit more to show ownership of the grab.

First get it’s a good idea to get comfortable with a few other more simple grabs when jumping so warm up with an Indy or frontside grab and a melon grab.

Then try doing a few frontside shifties as well off the jumps that you are comfortable on.

Then try sitting down on your butt and try simply grabbing the Weddle grab from the seated position. Take notice how much you are flexing to be able to get that grab.

Finally it’s time to get that grab off the jump. Once your comfortable with the grab try grabbing it closer to your front foot so you can extend your rear leg as you are grabbing Weddle in that frontside shifty. This will help add some style! Like this post and save it so you can watch it next time you’re out riding. Comment below what other trick tips you’d like us to film, and tag your friends that want to improve their riding.