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Intro to Grabs

This weeks trick tip is all about locking in that grab when hitting jumps. First make sure you are comfortable hitting jumps and getting some good pop off of them.

Once you are comfortable with this start with getting aware of the different grabs by trying them without moving to lock in the placement and feeling of the grabs.

Then try hitting the jumps and instead of fully doing the grab at first you can simply just go for a quick touch.

Once you are comfy with this it’s time to go ahead and lock in those grabs!! Once you feel you are getting them we’ll try to tweak them as well and pulling and pushing against whilst grabbing to show more comfort with the grab. Enjoy and continue to try all the different grabs. Like this post and save it so you can watch it next time you’re out riding. Comment below what other trick tips you’d like us to film, and tag your friends that want to improve their riding.