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Chip Shot

The Chip Shot is a fun trick where you basically kick the tail of your board into the snow using your toe side edge.

Fist start on the flats with no board on working through the movements of jumping up and quickly extending your rear leg to kick your back foot toe into the snow and then pulling it up to then land on two feet.

Now try the same movement without sliding but with the board on. Remember we are trying to add a bit of rotation when we do it to be able to get the toe side edge of the tail into the snow. Beware that you will have to rotate back to straighten the board back out before landing.

Now try just sliding straight on some mellow terrain to practice just a tail tap with no rotation.

Then try doing a subtle speed check whilst sliding again in the flats be rotating just the lower body against a stable upper body creating separation. Only do this so you rotate to your heel side like seen in the video.

Now try the full move whilst traversing across the hill on your toe side edge. Putting it all together both the hop with the rear leg extension and the rotation and kick that rear tail toe edge into the snow like seen in the video.

Finally try doing whilst traveling straight down the hill.

Save and share this with your friends so that you can check it out later to work on it next season.