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Frontside Nose Butter to Pretzel 270 Out

Here is another fun trick for trick tip Tuesday! This one is called a Frontside nose butter to pretzel 270 out.

First with your board off try the movement. Standing on your front leg and then kicking your rear leg out to the side so your chest is pointed down the hill whilst your hold your shoulders and front arm pointed down the hill as well. Then you are going to pop off this leg rotating 270 degrees backside so you land switch as seen in the video.

Then on an easy groomer try locking in that frontside nose butter sliding and then try to just pull it back also as seen in the video.

Then try doing the same move except this time hoping into the butter and then loading up that front leg to then pop out back so your board lands back pointed down the hill also shown in the video.

Now it’s time to try the full trick. To make sure you get the full rotation out make sure you use some counter rotation in your upper body through your spine to be able to rotate against the lower body. It’s also a good idea to quickly rotate your lower body with a scissoring move of your legs.

Once you master this trick try it off of rollers and you can even then try it on a box or rail.