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The Half-Cab is a trick made famous by a famous legendary Skater named Steve Caballero.

This trick is a variation of a few trick tips that we have done before. The frontside nose roll and a frontside 180. However this trick is always done from a switch stance.

It’s important you are comfortable riding switch first.

Then start by riding across the trail switch on your heel side edge and try lifting the switch tail of the board as you shift your weight forward.

Once you are comfortable with that it’s time to add some rotation through the hips and spine. You will want to rotate frontside. Do this whilst adding more pressure to that switch nose and therefore doing a switch nose roll landing on your toes.

Finally it’s time to put it all today with a little bit more intensity to be able to spring off that switch nose.

Once you are comfy with these try them off rollers and other fun features.

Stay tuned to see how this gets progressed into a Cab 3.