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There are many different types of flips. This flip is called the Wildcat. This is a flip done directly over the tail of the snowboard.

First before trying this you should be comfortable with 360’s and spotting your landings. This is mainly to have comfort in the air as well as spotting your landings.

Then it’s a good idea to work on this motion on a trampoline, into a foam pit, or into a swimming pool for the first few times without a board on.

Then with the board on try the movement just in the flat focusing on feeling the snap from the tail of the board. Remember using a flex through the spine to help add power to the Ollie and once in the air tightening your oblique. Plus a good extension pop through that rear leg.

Next try a few big ollies where you try taking your eyes off the landing zone and then finding it again prior to landing.

Then it’s time to try them into an airbag if you have one (Copper Woodward Flex) or into a deep powder landing.

Finally once your feeling good with them try sending it on a fun park jump!