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Nollie Backside 180

Here is a fun trick that combines a few of the trick tips that I have shown you before.

The Nollie Backside 180 is a fun trick to send off rollers.

First before trying this trick it’s important that you are comfortable with a backside 180 and nollies.

Once you are comfortable with these then look to break this trick down on some flat terrain without sliding. Try doing it without the board on by shifting your weight over that front foot at the same time rotating your spine and hips toward what will be your toe side edge. Then with a quick extension pop off that front foot and rotate that backside 180 landing evenly on two feet.

Then try it not sliding on the flats with the board on. Again trying to create that pop with the nose of the board.

Then before trying the full trick. Review again with a backside nose roll, then a nollie, and finally a backside 180.

Finally it’s time to put it all together. After getting that solid pop off your nose of the board it’s a good idea to really get plenty of retraction to give yourself time to land more on two feet and ride away switch.

Send it off rollers and other fun terrain features once you have it mastered.