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Frontside Boardslide

The Frontside boardslide or better known as the Frontboard is a fun trick with mad style. However it can be a difficult trick to lock in as it’s a trick that takes quite a bit of commitment.

First start out by feeling that position you will be in when doing the trick. On the flat try rotating your shoulders towards the nose of the board whilst simultaneously rotating the lower body the opposite direction. Feel this twisted position and focus trying to keep your board flat at the same time.

Now try sliding into this position while moving down a groomed green slope. Similar to the video, first try it with just simply pivoting your board, then try a little hop to it. Beware not to catch your downhill heel side edge. However try to land as flat as you can.

Now you’re ready to try this movement on an easy box. Similar to the video try to hop on from the left side of the box if you are a regular footed rider (right side for a goofy footed rider).

Ok now it’s time to find a good rail to try it on. Get comfortable with that Street approach style rail by first doing a frontside 50/50. Then next time do that same frontside 50/50 but once on the rail pivot the board quickly to that Frontboard position.

Finally you’re ready to do the full trick. Remember the aim is to land with the rail between your feet and fully 90 degrees perpendicular to the feature.