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Frontside Nose Roll

The frontside nose roll is one of those fundamental tricks that will help you
with learning lots of other fun tricks.

First starting on the flat with the board off practice shifting your weight to the front leg. At the same time you want to rotate your hips and front leg pivoting on your lead leg whist standing on your heel.

Now try with the board on and doing a traverse lifting your rear leg. This should be a quick movement rather than a sustained press.

Then it’s time to practice the rotation. To do this do some flat spin frontside 180’s from heels to toes.

Now it’s time to put that rotational and pressure movement together and do the frontside nose roll. Try doing it in a traverse first on your heel side edge.

If you have some fear you could even steer the board into the fall-line first 90 degrees and then roll the second 90.

Once you are comfortable with it try it down the fall-line and have fun with it.