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Frontside 360 Tail Butter

A frontside 360 tail butter is a trick where you spin slowly on the tail or your snowboard whilst keep the nose off the ground.

First it’s a good idea to practice managing pressure on the tail of the snowboard by flexing your rear ankle, knee, and hip. Aligning your hips over the tail of the board.

Next look to get comfortable doing this same tail press whilst moving straight down the fall-line on an easy green slope

Now you are ready to add in that rotation. When sliding in that tail press, rotate your hips and spine slowly open to the nose of the board to just do a 180 degree rotation.

To get the full 360 degree butter you will need to add a subtle edge change under your rear foot as you complete the first 180 degree butter to then get the second 180 degree butter. As the first 180 degrees is on the heel edge whilst the second in on your toe edge.

Now continue to play with this adding even more rotations and at different speeds.