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This is the beginning of a trick tip series stay tuned for more.

Nollie is a fun a trick to create pop from your snowboard. Most people will do a two footed hop or an Ollie which is popping off the tail of the board. A Nollie is popping off the nose of the board.

On flat terrain practice flexing your ankles, knees, hips, and spine to do a couple of two footed hops first. Then try getting into that same low position but this time try sliding the board back so that your weight is focused over your lead foot. Now try extending quickly springing off of the nose of the snowboard. While in the air you will want to shift the board back underneath you so that you land evenly on two feet, absorbing that landing. Try this a few times on that flat terrain without moving downhill.

Now try this while moving. Find a fairly easy green slope, while moving down the slope on a flat board try first just lifting the tail of the board quickly as you lean forward. To do this focus on flexing your rear ankle, and knee as you retract and pull your leg up. Then when your tail slaps back down on the snow flex both legs as you land. Try this a few times.

Now you are ready to give it a go! So again on a green run with your board flat and pointed straight down the hill. Try that same movement that you worked on when you were standing still before, flexing your ankles, knees, hips, and spine, as you slide the board back so you are ready to pop off the nose. Then pop and pull both legs up to help center yourself and land on two feel softly. Try it many times.

Now that you have the hang of it try timing the Nollie off of a roller, cat-track and other terrain features for more air.