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Change Up on Box

This weeks trick tip is a change up on a box. There are many different styles of change ups. Today I will take you through a backside nose slide to a frontside tail slide or also known as a front blunt.

First with the board off play with the positions of both slides. For the backside nose slide we are pressuring our front foot as we rotate our spine and hips closed to counter the lower body. The front hand should be near your rear knee. Then move to the front blunt slide position. Pressuring your rear as you now open your spine and shoulders in the opposite direction.

Then try doing this movement on snow as if it is a butter trick but remember we are on snow so favor that uphill edge at all times to avoid the edge catch. Also make sure at the end to pop off that rear leg to land straight back down the hill to ride out in your forward direction.

Then practice each move individually on the box. In this video you see both moves are hopped on and off. So you are landing on the box on one foot in a countered position.
Then put it all together on a box.