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This week’s #tuesdaytricktip The Garland. This is a fundamental exercise we use to teach people to steer the board down the hill and then back across the hill.

  1. First get comfortable doing traverses going across the hill in both directions with your lead leg in front.
  2. Then practice with your back leg out of your binding for stability and just rotating and twisting your from leg as seen in the video. Try this on your toe edge and heel edge.
  3. Now whist traversing add this front leg movement to allow your board to track down the hill to get a little bit of speed then back across the hill to slow down.
  4. Once you get to one side of the trail sit down and roll over and try it on the other edge.
  5. Eventually once you are comfortable with this exercise you can link it together to make turns in both directions and enjoy more of the mountain.