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360 with a Grab

This weeks Trick Tip is a 360 with a grab. It’s key to be comfortable with 360’s and grabs before being able to put it all together.

  1. Start out with warming up with a few straight airs with some of those common center of the board grabs such as a Melon or an Indy grab.
  2. Then warm up your most comfortable 360 on a park jump. When doing this focus on getting good pop off the jump followed by solid retraction throughout the rotation.
  3. Then it’s time to give it a go with a grab. Pick a grab that you are very comfortable with and one that allows your body to rotate into your rotation for example both an Indy and melon can be aided but a rotation in which the torso is rotating towards the nose of the board so these are good options for a frontside spin. Whereas a weddle or a stalefish would be better for that backside spin.
  4. Lastly look to get a good pop off the jump when adding that grab to your spin. This will allow you to grab within the first 90 degrees of the rotation. Then release it about 90 degrees before the final rotation.