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Skidded Turns – Front Knee Steering

The skidded turn is the most versatile turn as you can take it anywhere on the mountain, from the beginner hill all the way to the steeps.

To do this turn most effectively we want to steer the board with our front leg rather than our rear leg. An analogy to compare this to is how the truck steers the trailer.

Start on a flat bit of terrain getting comfortable with opening and closing the front leg to the nose of the snowboard. This rotational movement is done mainly through the femur in the hip socket. This movement should be made ideally in a half circle shape as if to outline the tip of the snowboard.

Once you have felt this on the flat then try it simple with one turn at a time. Starting with the board in the fall-line try opening that front leg to go to your heel side turn.

Then do the same thing to the toe turn except this time try closing your front leg to the toe side turn.

Finally try putting this all together making some smooth skidded turns focusing that rotation out of the front leg. Once you have this mastered look to change the timing, intensity, and duration of this movement to create different turn sizes and shapes to master all types of terrain.