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Late Backside 180

This weeks #Tuesdaytricktip the always stylie late backside 180. The reason we call it late is because the rotation happens in the second half of your airtime. In other words when you are coming back down to your landing.

  1. Start static on some flat ground getting comfortable rotation your upper body and then lower body in a backside 180. The key with this is to jump off your toe edge and land on your toe edge.
  2. Now try timing the upper and lower body rotation whilst you are sliding downhill. Look to do this not in the air yet, but rather on the ground.
  3. Now try adding the hop and then when you land rotate your board through that backside 180 all whilst being on your toe side edge.
  4. Finally put it together in the air. The key is to make sure you rotate your upper body first into the rotation as you pop but keeping your lower body stable, then at the last minute using that tension between the upper and lower body to unwind and finish the late backside 180.