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Tail Press on Box

This weeks #Tricktiptuesday is a 5/0 or Tail Press on a box. The idea of this trick is to ride the whole box straight only on the tail of your snowboard.

  1. first you want to start on some flat ground without your snowboard on. Get into your snowboard stance and draw a line between your feet as show in the video. Then practice hopping whilst landing with your rear foot on the line and your weight balanced on your rear foot. Look to keep your front hand low near your front knee.
  2. Now try standing on that same flat ground with your board strapped in and first just try shifting your weight towards the tail to feel your bird flex. Then try jumping up at the same time slide the bird forward and land on your rear foot underneath your hips.
  3. Now it’s time to try doing the same move whilst sliding on an easy green groomed slope. The key is to land stable on your rear foot.
  4. Then find an easy box and first try sliding 50/50 on the box to feel it out and then try to just shift your weight towards the tail a little to feel the board bend.
  5. Finally it’s time to hop onto that box in the 5/0 or Tail Press and hold it to the end hopping off and landing solid on two feet evenly